Strategic Planning Update

Categories: News

During the past few months, the Board of Directors and Abundant Life staff have been conducting a series of meetings, looking at neighborhood data, and surveying other local non-profits. On March 18, we put our collective brains together to develop “A Strategy Road Map” for the future.

Trinity Presbyterian Church gave us a meeting space in which to work for this all-day session. We also need to acknowledge TPC and New City Commons for getting us moving in this direction over a year ago. Upon their recommendations, the board implemented a plan to improve our effectiveness starting with a self-evaluation and moving forward with implementing formal policies and procedures.

We participated in various professional education offerings, and spent a series of half-day meetings to look intently at the mission and vision of the ministry. As a result, we agreed that the ministry is neighborhood-specific to the Prospect Avenue residents. Our top priority is to refocus our strategies on how we serve these residents. Now that we have a beautiful space to occupy, we will determine how it should be used for current programs. All these programs will be evaluated considering clear need, sustainable funding, and adequate staffing. Most importantly, does the program align with the mission and vision? We have finally analyzed the data from a neighborhood survey begun a few years ago. To update these findings, we will conduct small focus groups. All these efforts will help us determine whether to continue or cut a program, develop a new one, and to write clear outcomes which will help us assess effectiveness on a regular basis.

We ask for prayer as we undertake this process. We are committed to communicating our strategies and outcomes effectively and consistently. We also invite your input and your continued support.