My Abundant Life Story: Luis Sanchez-Rosa

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Luis Sanchez-Rosa is a 2014 graduate of Charlottesville High School and a freshman at Richard Bland College. A past participant of Abundant Life programs including the 5/8 Club, Walker and Buford Tutoring, and Strive, Luis served as a 5/8 Club Summer Program leader for the second time in 2014. Luis wrote these words about his experience this summer:

My faith grew this summer as I learned more about how to serve others better. I had the task of preparing all the meals for the boys in the summer, and I took the pleasure of making every plate great for the kids. Making meals wasn’t the only thing I took pleasure in. Being there for the boys was important to me. It meant a lot to me; the trust that each individual child had given me by the time the program ended. It was rewarding to be used as an instrument by God to hear their issues, frustrations, and joys because I also benefited from these programs myself when I was their age.Having once been a 5/8 participant myself, working with Richard Feero and Dylan Rosenthal (my leaders when I was in 5/8), the virtues of leadership began to cement inside of me. The guidance I received from Dylan in leadership and the guidance in my faith from Richard made my experience working with the boys educational. Leadership this summer gave me the opportunity to discover the leader that I am and can continue to be. The boys taught me so much as did the men behind the program. I thank God for the blessing of this opportunity — one I would not hesitate to take again if called.

God bless,

Luis (top) on a 5/8 Club Summer Program field trip to Philadelphia in 2007.



Luis (top center) on the 5/8 Club Summer Program field trip to Humpback Rocks this summer.