Our Staff:


Chief Operating Officer
Anne Baker Brown joined Abundant Life in spring 2016 to tackle many of its day-to-day operations, including staff supervision and support, communications, and a wide-range of administrative duties. Anne and her husband are members at First Baptist Church, Main Street.
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FIDA Program Support, IT/Data, and Grants
Rebecca Goodwin Feldmann has served with Abundant Life in various capacities since its founding in 1996. She has also run a part-time bookkeeping business during that span. Before Abundant Life, she spent a year with New Song Urban Ministries in West Baltimore. She holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in Sociology from the University of Virginia.
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Strive Assistant Coordinator/Digital Marketing Manager
Dylan Rosenthal came to Abundant Life in 2003 as an AmeriCorps VISTA and served as Director of Boys Programming from 2010 to June 2017. He coordinated the 5/8 Club (biblical life skills for 5th-8th grade boys) for 14 years and founded Strive (goal setting and accountability for 9th-12th grade boys) in 2012. As of June 2017 he is on special assignment in Norfolk, supporting Abundant Life from afar while his wife Krishtine completes a clinical psychology internship. He hopes to see the boys he works with become Christian leaders and active church members who give back to their community, graduate from high school and successfully go on to college and/or careers, and become responsible husbands and fathers. Dylan holds a B.A in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia, where he proudly cofounded People for Pistachios.

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Dylan personally raises the funds for his position. Donate to financially support Dylan.


Director of Leadership Development
Richard Feero gave his life to the Lord at a young age at a summer camp. He is from the south and graduated from Covenant College in 2007. Richard became involved with the Ministry through AmeriCorps in the summer of ’07. The following summer he moved into the neighborhood and joined the Abundant Life staff. He works closely with the 5th-12th grade boys and their families and is currently designing a Fellows Program. When not working he loves to play sports, work with his hands, spend time with his lovely wife and 2 beautiful girls, chill with friends and neighbors, and take trips to Costa Rica.

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Richard personally raises funds for his position. Donate to financially support Richard.


Symia Tabron joined Abundant Life as the Accountant/Bookkeeper in January 2015. Before taking on this role, she was an accountant for a trade association management company that worked with various non-profits. Symia graduated from the University of Virginia with a major in Economics and minor in Sociology. In her spare time, you can find her participating in various sports like running, softball and flag football.
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Johnson Tutoring Coordinator
Angel Feero is excited to be joining Abundant Life as the Tutoring Coordinator for Johnson Elementary School! Angel is originally from Northern Virginia and returned to Charlottesville as a City resident in 2011 after graduating from the University of Virginia in 2006. She has taught in Head Start and in the Elementary grades. She is married and has two little daughters. “God has given me a passion to work with children and help foster their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.” Angel enjoys singing, spending time with family and friends, running, and reading. She is hopeful and expectant for what God is doing and will do here at Abundant Life and is thankful to be a part of His work.
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Walker Tutoring Coordinator
Susan Wunderlich grew up in a single parent home with a hard working mother of five. She learned a few things, including life is hard. The Lord developed in her a heart of compassion for children; to help raise the next generation became her mission. Susan taught preschool for 15 years after home schooling her own children. She earned a degree in Anthropology/Education from JMU late in life. “Never stop learning!,” Susan says. She worked for AmeriCorps while off in the summer and now helps the tutoring program at Walker, because children are worth it!
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FIDA Program Assistant
treatrousTreatrous Jackson is a former participant in and graduate of the FIDA Program she now leads. She went on to attend college, purchase her first home, and start her own small business. She is also serving as a mentor with Jobs for Life. In October 2013, Treat was named AmeriCorps Member of the Month for the state of Virginia!
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Our Educational Consultants:


Reading Enrichment for K-1st Grade
melvilleLike all our Educational Consultants, Melville is a behind-the-scenes hero at Abundant Life’s after-school tutoring program. She writes dozens of tutor-tutee lesson plans every week, targeting each child’s developmental level in reading and spelling based on detailed assessments she administers, and based on input from the child’s daytime teacher as well as the afternoon tutor. Melville sings in her church’s choir, loves gardening,  dogs, and the woods at Wintergreen. She and husband, Mark, have two grown sons and several grandchildren.
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Reading Enrichment for 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grade
caroleCarole earned a masters degree in reading in her 50’s and worked at The Learning Center, tutoring children and some adults with learning disabilities. When Abundant Life started she began helping out its tutoring program also, before eventually focusing solely on Abundant Life. Carole worked with Abundant Life’s first two tutoring coordinators, Dequeta Anderson and Tonya Howard, at the former Blue Ridge Commons (Greenstone on 5th). She has 3 children and 6 grandchildren, who are all wonderful. She and husband David celebrated their 50th anniversary in December 2015.


Math Enrichment for 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grade
JudiJudi came on board in 1999 as a tutor at Abundant Life following her retirement from a career teaching grades 5 6, and 7, mostly in math. After two years, at Amy Sherman’s urging, Judi increased her involvement, becoming the Math Lesson Planner for Abundant Life’s 2nd-4th graders. While she first served with Abundant Life in Blue Ridge Commons (Greenstone on 5th), she fills many shelves with math games, manipulatives and flashcards in our Johnson Elementary space. An artist and painter, Judi enjoys art shows, gardening, and tennis. Long-time members at Trinity Presbyterian, Judi and husband Mike are eager to spend more time visiting grandchildren and traveling. JUDI IS READY TO TRAIN ANOTHER MATH-INCLINED PERSON TO TAKE OVER THE EXCELLENT LESSON-PLAN-SYSTEM SHE BUILT FOR JOHNSON TUTORING!
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