A few statistics from CALM’s nineteen years of operation:

  • CALM’s Bible Camp has taken place for the past NINETEEN summers!
  • 78% of CALM’s staff either live in the target neighborhood, used to, or grew up here; 67% of our staff have an African-American or multi-ethnic heritage; 56% of our staff have been involved for at least five years.
  • About 180 families have at least one person enrolled in our programs while nearly 20% have two or more enrolled.  About 10% are of Hispanic heritage and almost 15% are international refugees from Africa & Asia.
  • Approximately 115 tutors meet with CALM students each week in supervised 1:1 sessions!
  • Ministry volunteers log over 1000 hours per semester!
  • 1st-4th grade Tutoring is in its 18th year! About 50 children are enrolled.
  • Another 35 children are involved in our Walker (5th & 6th gr.) and Buford (7th & 8th gr.) tutoring programs.
  • 7th & 8th grade Buford students tutored by our volunteers in 2005-2006 went on to have a 95% high-school graduation rate as part of the classes of 2010 and 2011!
  • The 5/8 Club for 5th-8th grade boys draws about 15 boys each week.
  • Ladies of Quality (LQ) Jr & Sr Club meetings usually draw about 10 girls each.
  • 20 children typically participate in Bible Club during the school year.
  • For six years, our teens and pre-teens have attended a week of CitiKidz Camp in PA and Camp Wabanna on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  YoungLife summer camps have served our teens even longer.
  • 10 families have become homeowners through CALM’s Individual Development Account (IDA) program — made possible in part by collaborations with the City’s CDBG program, the State’s VIDA Program, Habitat for Humanity, Piedmont Housing Alliance, SunTrust Bank, National Christian Foundation, and Albemarle County’s Homeownership classes.
  • Over the years, teens have gone on trips to Chicago, New York, Niagara Falls, Atlanta, Charlotte, DC, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Boston, and Columbus.
  • Thanks to many generous donors, CALM owns one acre of land in its target neighborhood! Neighborhood residents and staff are planning and dreaming!
  • About 70% percent of the residents are among the “working poor;” 30% are fully reliant on public assistance.
  • Nearly half of the adult residents have not completed high school; unemployment and underemployment are common.
  • Community assets include the Cherry Avenue Boys & Girls Club, the recently renovated Greenstone on 5th Apartments and its Community Center, the Fifeville Neighborhood Association, the presence of Christian families, the 5th Street and University Manor Community Gardens, and nearby Forest Hills Park.