ALSBP 2015 | Charlottesville City Plunge

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Six college students and two InterVarsity staff participated in this year’s Abundant Life Spring Break Project, a week where students learn from community members and serve in our programs. It is a wonderful and enriching partnership for all parties involved! Our good friend and trip coordinator Lisa Keller shared some reflections on the week:


“I’ve always been able to separate mission trips from my everyday life,” Jessica (center) told me. “But thanks to this week, I can’t do that anymore. I’m learning how God wants to use me right where I live.”

Jessica is a first-year student at UVA, one of six who spent their spring break week living in the Prospect Avenue neighborhood and volunteering with Abundant Life. Our group heard from neighborhood residents and city leaders (like former Council member Holly Edwards, pictured with our team), studied the Bible, and tutored kids at Johnson Elementary each day.

As a neighborhood resident and Abundant Life volunteer, it was powerful to see the UVA and Charlottesville worlds collide, since they are so often separate for students. My hope was that God would use the spring break plunge to catalyze longer-term changes in students’ lives. And He delivered! At least two-thirds of the students are planning to volunteer regularly in the city over the next year, and a few are even rethinking their vocational plans. Through the witness and ministry of Abundant Life, the students were able to see what it means to follow a Savior who says that the economically or spiritually poor are blessed in His kingdom.

Lisa Keller (bottom right) is on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at UVA and leads the annual Charlottesville City Plunge.