ICYMI: Abundant Life wins inaugural United Way Relay championship!

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By Richard Feero

NEWS FLASH: Abundant Life finished first in the inaugural United Way Relay on June 24! The group started off with old man Richard Feero (Director of Boys Programming) carrying the baton first. With huffs and puffs that could blow almost any house down Richard managed to make it around the track, keeping the team within striking distance of the top runners. This was much to the surprise of spectators and teammates alike! The strikingly gorgeous Angel Feero (Johnson Tutoring Coordinator) took the baton next and maintained this progress and gracefully passed the baton to Elizabeth Franck (girlfriend of Tyler Hutcherson, STRIVE assistant and 5/8 volunteer). Elizabeth flew around the track like a gazelle, passing everyone in sight and effortlessly passed the baton to Tyler. Tyler then ran with all of his strength and might to maintain the lead given to the team by Elizabeth. With friends and family cheering him on, Tyler crossed the finish line first, capturing the gold medal for the Abundant Life team. No matter where you turned – ESPN, FOX Sports, or Best Seat in the House – no one gave this team a chance! The United Way, stunned by the results, immediately required all of the racers to undergo PED testing. Three of the four runners have publicly denied allegations of cheating. Until test results are released, Abundant Life remains the unlikely heroes of the inaugural United Way Relay.

Photo credits: United Way TJA (1-3), Anne Brown/Phyllis James (4)